途中花蓮.打工換宿 / Work Exchange On My Way Hualien Hostel

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 自2013年起,我們 <途中> 舉辦了多次的打工換宿計畫,有來自世界各地─香港、澳門、日本、西班牙、巴西、法國等地─的朋友提出了申請。
Since 2013, we've held the "Work Exchange" Program many times. Many friends, who are from Hong Kong, Macau, Spain, Brazil and France, joined with us.

和一般的換宿不同,我們不希望換宿者只是幫忙掃地、倒垃圾、鋪床,而是由他們自己決定用什麼樣的 "工作" 來交換
在這樣的狀況下,許多朋友都展現了他們的興趣、專長、技術,讓我們 "換到" 了一些 "好東西" . .
Instead of only doing the cleaning job, we would like these friends to do the "missions" they want to do.
At the end, some of them did a very great job!

現在,我們將 "打工換宿" 調整為長期的計劃,讓更多朋友來體驗花蓮、體驗 <途中> 的生活
Now, the "Work Exchange" will become a long term program and enable more friends to experience the life in Hualien, the super famous Taroko area in Hualien. Welcome to join us!

  • 活動時間 / When:

  • 換宿方式 / How to exchange:
Program 1 - 工作換宿,Hostel Daily Work ←→ Free Accommodation
Program 2 - 專案換宿,Your Project ←→ Free Accommodation

  • 換宿時間 / For how long:
Program 1:
2週 ~ 2個月 / 2 weeks ~ 2 month

Program 2:
1週 ~ 1個月,視計畫內容 / 1 week ~ 1 months, it depends on your project content

  • 提供住宿類型 / Accommodation:
Mixed-Dorm bed ( The max is 2 people per day )

  • 工作 / Your job:
Program 1 (Daily Work)

協助旅舍日常營運工作,例如房務、清潔、接待、活動 . . 
每週五天,每次 4 小時 (通常在下午,以及週末較繁忙時)

Hostel daily routine job, such as house-keeping, cleaning, activity-assisting
4 hours per day, 5 days a week. (Normally in the afternoon & on the weekend)

Program 2 (Your Project)

專案 工作,由你來決定想做什麼,例如:
Choose  your own project, such as :
  • 設計、美工 (官方網站 or 旅舍室內佈置)
    Art / design (for our website or indoor decoration) 

  • 其他,告訴我們你的計畫,我們絕對欣賞你的創意
    Others - Tell us what you want to do. We will appreciate if you have many good ideas!

  • 報名時間 / When to apply:
Since today until the beds are occupied

  • 報名方式 / How to apply:
Please fill out the form below

  • 備註: