2012年即將結束,又到瘋跨年的時候,今年你也打算到台北看 101 的跨年煙火對吧? 已經找到住宿的地方了嗎?

我們是一群熱愛旅行的背包客,在那些精采的旅程結束後,我們試著在台北打造一間合法的青年旅舍 - 『途中 ‧ 台北 國際青年旅舍』。目前工程即將完工,但樓上的房間已經可以住了... 我們很希望能找些朋友,來幫我們測試這間 hostel 的設計與運作。

在另一方面,我們過去在國外跨年時,也曾因找不到旅舍而睡在網咖、公園、車站、甚至朋友家的浴缸裡過夜... (你能想像雙人房裡睡了13個人的景象嗎? ^ ^")

我們知道在這個時間、要在台北找到一個跨年的房間/床位 有多麼的困難。

在 12/30~1/1 的這三天,我們將提供 20 個床位,給造訪台北的朋友免費試住


在聖誕節前 (12/24 23:59),您只要填寫以下表單,在聖誕節當天中午,我們將選出 20 位的朋友,邀請您和 『途中』一起跨年、一起迎接 2013

《Free Accommodation for New Year's Eve 2013》
Applying Closed

Hey, my friends. It's the end of 2012, time to celebrate the new year. You'll visit Taipei for the fireworks, won't you? Have you found a place to stay already?

We're a group of backpackers who is trying to build a new hostel -《On My Way . Taipei》. The interior decorating is nearly finish, but the rooms are ready to stay. We would like to have some guests to check our hostel.

On the other hand, when visiting other countries for the new year, we used to sleep at internet cafe, in the park, inside the BATHTUB, or even share a TWIN ROOM with 12 FRIENDS!! 

We know how difficult to find accommodation at this time of the year. So here is the deal:

We would like to provide 20 dorm beds for 12/30, 12/31, 1/1 for free !

Yes, 100% FREE!!!

From 12/22 to Christmas Eve (12/24 23.59), all you have to do is to fill out the form to apply. And We will announce who will stay with us on Christmas Day.